If you are old enough to remember the debut of Bell Telephone's "picture phone" at the 1964 World's Fair, you've waited way too long for the promise to be fulfilled. If you are like millions of others who've taken to a keyboard and mouse with some reluctance, you are about to be liberated from the awkward tools we've been using in the first Internet era.

The future has arrived!

Four factors have converged to make person-to-person video communication a practical and affordable reality:

  1. High speed bandwith
  2. Faster microprocessors
  3. Large capacity hard drives
  4. Inexpensive web cams.

Would you like to experience the simplicity of using video-enhanced email? Use the form on this page to send us your information and we'll respond with a video-enhanced email message that will astonish you and stimulate your imagination!

E-mail: video@pear-tree.us


If making sales presentations is important to your success, video enhanced email will work wonders for you.

If being face-to-face with your customer, patient, client or contact is more important than being there in person, you will appreciate how video communication is the best way to reduce travel costs and accomplish so much more than an ordinary phone call.

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