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The first and only authoritative book for promotional consultants and their suppliers who want to learn more about electronic artwork and the many decorating processes used in the promotional industry.

For those who are working on their professional certification, reading YOUR IMPRINT HERE is eligible for CEU credits.

You can download and read the first chapter in Acrobat 6 or higher.

YOUR IMPRINT HERE by Dennis Burnham, MAS is a 256 page pleasure to read, according to my editors and some selected friends who reviewed it before it went to press. The color edition is fully illustrated to make the machinery and artwork concepts as lifelike and vivid as possible. In the Foreword by Mark Gilman, he wrote: "People who design artwork to be reproduced on promotional products really need to read this book. And so do people who sell promotional products."

We hope you agree. Your Imprint Here will give you an entertaining and insightful view of the way promotional products are decorated, including the various software products that are used to prepare and interpret electronic artwork. If you believe (as we do) that the sm@rt campaign is making artwork management easier, you'll find Your Imprint Here to be an essential resource manual for your business.

We hope you will consider my book required reading. It makes a very nice holiday gift for your employees and sales reps ... perhaps even your customers, too.

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