SHOWTIME LLC operates a series of 93 annual trade shows in 53 North American cities. Our total enterprise support provides our client with a range of technology-based services to manage their marketing and travel operations.


Gruber Dentistry has a premier reputation for restorative and cosmetic dental care, in addition to their regular dental hygiene and oral surgical work.

We deploy a variety of technology services to keep employees organized, patients infomed, and dental professionals empowered to give each customer the very best treatment.


Burnham Business Development is a venture partner in Ace of Diamonds, LLC, an Arizona publisher of pocket-size booklets that feature a patented integral pocket to hold a credit, gift, membership or other card, hotel key, magnifier, etc.


Our services for Ace of Diamonds include:


WWW.NETCEMETERY.COM is a web site that allows people to publish memorials to family members and friends who have passed on. The service has been free since 2001.

Internet memorial pages are more durable and affordable than traditional obituaries. Moreover, the email and guest-book features of NetCemetery enable mourners to pay tribute and contact family and friends who might otherwise not be able to communicate.




Since 2002, Order Locator has been giving promotional consultants web-based access to status reports about shipped orders and work-in-process.

Manufacturers submit data reports at intervals of their choice. Order Locator aggregates data from multiple companies to offer a 1-stop web visit to an entire industry.,

Our LAN software is available for Windows and Mac users who require an in-house order control and tracking system, too.

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Meet "Oscar" oscar

Launched in mid-2007, OSCAR is the "only supplier controlled asset resource" available to the promotional products marketplace.

Not a rival "search engine" to compete with existing providers, OSCAR represents a ONCE AND FOR ALL solution to the annual problem of publishing updated prices and metadata, release of new products and withdrawal of obsolescent items.

In addition, OSCAR is the first Internet asset library for supplier photos, PDF literature, podcasts, video, and more.

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