FileMaker Pro is the world's largest selling cross-platform database application. With scaleable features that can be deployed from single-user to office networks to your PDA to the Internet, the custom solutions we create for your business can grow to adapt to your changing needs.

We have been developing FileMaker solutions since 1985 for clients in a wide range of industries. Each situation is unique. All our solutions operate in business environments that utilize Windows or Macintosh computers, or both.

“If it can't be done in FileMaker,

then it isn't worth doing.”


We have assembled a slide presentation that will give you an overview of the solutions we've developed for a number of our clients. Because no two are alike, what you can expect to learn from a review of our portfolio is the fact that we are totally dedicated to making each database solution work to perfection, increasing productivity by providing efficient access to the valuable information that runs your business.

Three download format options are available.

Dennis Burnham is an Associate Member of the FileMaker Business Alliance.

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